Our Family History



Our Family History, The Taste of Nebraska Tradition.    

The practice of enhancing the flavor of beef by Finishing cattle on grain started in Nebraska in the early 1900s.  Herb Sr built his farm on the Northern county line, 6 miles north of Wisner, Nebraska.  The cattle yards were situated in a wagon wheel formation around our first feed mill, some of which are still around today.  They were feeding with horse and wagon, scooping the feed off the wagon to the cattle. Grandpa often joked that at the time our feed mill seemed very innovative because you only had to scoop the feed once. 

    My Great Grandpa Herb met his wife Madeline and together they had Herb Jr. and his sister Rita. Herb grew up on the farm, then went off to college and after three years and three different college campuses including a short stint in New Orleans, he came home without a degree, but a whole lot of experiences.  I wish I could tell you some of them, but they aren't beef related, so onward. 

    Herb Jr. met my grandma Kathy, a school teacher from Laurel, NE and was immediately infatuated. They married and Grandpa took an increasingly larger role on the farm and feeding operations as his father had some health scares.  Together with the help of their three Children Jeff, Matt & Holly, they built our farm and family business into what it is today.  

    So where did I come in? Herb and Kathy’s oldest son, Jeff went to college and met his wife, Ann in his best friend’s El Camino after a greek function was forcefully disbanded, (AKA The party got broken up) … looking for a ride she accidentally happened into a husband.  They married after graduating from the University of Nebraska and moved back to Wisner to start a family. 

Herb and Kathy wound up with nine grandkids; Blake, Perry, Callie, Chase, Addisyn, Ryan, Megan, Hayden and Kathryn.  Our ages range from 30 to 12.  I say this as one of them, we have all had an incredible relationship with our Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles.

      Herb Sr built Herb Albers Feedlot in the heart of cattle feeding country. He sought quicker gains and more efficient use of the land.   Little did he know at the time, this operation he started would be the taken over from generation to generation. What began as a small feeding operation, grew into two other diverse businesses with Herb Jr's return.  Jeff continued to grow the farm and really focused on enhancing our row crop production, now that farm can raise a great deal of our own feed needs.  At this point in time several of the grand kids are beginning to make their mark on this family farm.    

     The next chapter will be getting closer to the consumer and bringing you the highest quality beef that we can.   From our family to yours, thats beef you can feel good about.    Building a relationship with our customers so my son, Herbert Thomas, has something to be proud of some day.  That is truly, The Taste of Nebraska Tradition.

  • Blake Albers.