What does Craft Beef Mean?

Hello Friends, lets talk about Craft beef, or as most people call it "Local Beef" even though we love shipping it all over the country. 

A little background about the industry and something most people might not be telling you.  A great deal of your beef isn't raised by massive evil corporations.  Even some of the largest ranches, farmers and feeders are family owned.  That doesn't mean the quality is all the same.  That doesn't mean we as farmers shouldn't be making efforts to go directly to the consumer with our highest quality products. Thats why I  started Albers Beef our family brand, and our Butcher shop Lot 279.  We have been raising cattle in this same location as a family since 1928, but until 5 years ago our beef was only available through the roulette wheel of chance at the grocery store or in a restaurant.  Now, the top 5% of our production can go directly to our customers.  Not only does this provide the customer with an incredible product, its an origin story that you can feel good about.  Its a connection to your food that is real, its tangible.   We care about the quality of every steak that leaves our butcher shop and every animal that comes on our farm. 

Beef has the advantage & disadvantage of being one of the most inconsistent animal proteins there is when it comes to quality.  It's a disadvantage in that you might have a fantastic steak from the local grocer one week and an "Ok" steak the next week.   Its an advantage because there is adventure in the chase for the perfect steak.  Much like finding the perfect bottle of wine versus trying to pass a mass produced box wine off as an incredible product.  Like wine beef has so many defining characteristics that make a better steak or burger, better.  We believe we have found a process to make sure Albers Beef is flavorful, tender and juicy every single time.  

So what is craft beef? Its pretty simple, its families like ours taking the initiative to make sure our best products come with the story they deserve.  Its taking the variability in beef your used to and delivering a quality product every time.  The added benefit is the consumer is not only making a family in agriculture happy to serve them, they are helping to "regionalize"  the food supply chain. (more on this topic later)  The consumer that goes directly to the farmer is also helping with sustainability, not only from the environmental side, from the economic side as well.  So buy craft beef, buy from families like ours that have a story to tell.  The price might be a little higher, but it will be worth it. 


- Blake

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